fatima ibrahim


Fatima Ibrahim, an accomplished Executive Coach, excels in public speaking with a focus on ‘Authentic Leadership.’ She emphasizes the importance of genuine self-expression and transparency in the workplace, inspiring individuals to lead with authenticity, fostering trust, and establishing meaningful connections. Additionally, she delves into the significance of Executive Presence, body language, communication style, and emotional intelligence, empowering individuals to execute projects with confidence, finesse, and influence in the corporate landscape.

Throughout Fatima Ibrahim‘s journey as a coach, she has achieved significant milestones in conducting authentic leadership and creating a new meaning for an “Executive Coach”.

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Fatima Ibrahim uses various techniques to set objectives and aid others in implementing them to change their mindset to one of success.

Fatima Ibrahim an esteemed executive coach, has launched coaching programs designed to foster authentic  executive presence among business leaders.

Being an authentic leader involves more than straightforwardness or sincerity; it is also about a leader’s ability to be genuine